Running a business comes with many decisions each day, small and large. One of the most important is choosing the right premises for your company to give it the best chance of success and growth in the future.

This is especially so when you are looking for industrial and warehousing property to move your business into. In all cases, it pays dividends to know exactly what you need before you start looking. Read on to learn more about the basics you should look for in warehouse space.

Good access and location

This is easily one of the most significant factors for anyone looking to rent warehouse space in the UK, and it comes in two parts.

The first is access on site. If your business requires large lorries to be loaded and unloaded you are going to want a facility which has a service yard and roller shutter doors on your unit. Similarly, if you are expecting lots of visitors then it will pay to find warehouse space with ample car parking. If you don’t, it could impede your business growth.

You also need to consider access to the site itself. The most desirable industrial estates and business parks will have easy access from main roads which link conveniently to the national motorway network. This is especially important if your business relies on access to ports and airports to get your goods in or out of the UK.

Sites like our warehouse space for rent in Wrexham offer all of this. A location close to Wrexham city centre – a well-established business area – with key links to motorways, ports and airports is a great proposition for any business.

What are you storing?

This is another very important consideration and it can mean many different things. If your stock is vulnerable to the outside conditions in some way you should choose a space which is ambient, weatherproof and insulated all year round. This consistency of temperature and humidity can be vital.

Similarly, if your items are tall or stackable, you should look for a warehouse to rent which provides unobstructed vertical space. Always note the height of the eaves and think about whether everything you need to store will fit. An eaves height of 8m-12m is a good range that will suit most purposes.

Finally, whatever you are storing is likely to be valuable to your business, so you will want to review the security procedures at any potential warehouse site. At a minimum, we would recommend choosing a warehouse or industrial park which operates 24/7 security and has good CCTV coverage. Additional features to watch out for include secure keypad access.

Extra facilities

Finding a functional warehouse space is all well and good, but finding one which has extra facilities can make the difference in attracting the best employees to your business and growing it.

Supporting facilities including break out areas, drop down office space, kitchen areas and WCs can turn an industrial space into more than just a place to load and unload goods. Instead, it can become a well-rounded workplace that is tailor made for your business and which will allow it to thrive.

These facilities are an especially important consideration if your warehouse is to be fully staffed rather than used mainly for storage.

Flexible terms

Last but not least, the best modern warehouses to rent are available on flexible terms that can be designed to suit your needs specifically. There is no reason to settle for a traditional lease where you sign up to rent an amount of space in the long term.

Instead, you should look for flexible lease terms. Practically, this means that you will only be renting the space that you need for the time that you need it. With a flexible lease there is no more wasted space that is costing your business money now or in the future.

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